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innerStasis Therapeutic Massage pricing is based upon the duration of the session, regardless of the type of treatment provided. Times listed are table time. Standard consultation, filling out new client forms and changing are not deducted from your time on the massage table. Lateness and lengthy consultations may impact time Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Therapeutic Massage

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Certified in:

Swedish Massage

Generally speaking, Swedish massage is an all-over relaxation massage. Relaxation and circulation are increased through the use of a series of rhythmic strokes and techniques.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a deep tissue technique separates muscular adhesions (knots) from the surrounding fascia (connective tissue running throughout the body) via the use of heat, pressure and movement. Long-term results are produced.

Prenatal Massage and
​Post-Natal Massage

Prenatal Massage and Post-Natal Massage focuses on the prenatal or post-natal mother. Special bolstering and specific techniques are used to help alleviate the unique pains and circumstances of future and recent mothers.

What is "deep tissue massage"

The answer to that varies depending on who is asked. Many people believe deep tissue to be a very firm massage, regardless of the type. More specifically, it is the penetration of the deeper layers of muscle in a specific area, which requires the use of specialized techniques.